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BUSY MOM ACADEMY Raising kids and Building Biz with ease

The World's best Online Academy for Moms in business 

Overwhelmed, stressed, lacking time to play with kids? Feeling guilty when you leave your kids for half an hour watching TV because there is just this one thing you MUST do for your business? Leaving your partner every evening watching HOME ALONE alone? And rolling the same question again, again, again ... Is it meant to be so HARD? Well, you are not alone.  

I know exactly how you feel my dear brave mom. And yes, it is hard Raising Kids and Building Biz and all that guilt, overwhelm and stress can be just too much to handle. And I am here to tell you, that you are only one step away from changing the whole course of your life. That's right, it takes only ONE DECISION. Ok, maybe several down the line but initially to make conscious decision to start working SMART instead of HARD

And I have a whole bunch of moms who have been there and done that and are ready to share their experience and knowledge with YOU, so that you will never ever feel alone, stressed, overwhelmed or feeling guilt. We are here to show you how to raise kids and build biz with ease and stop sacrificing your time and family.  

Masterclass series - 9 experts - 8 modules

What will you get in Busy Mom Academy?

1. Wellbeing - Find Your Glow

  • How to make delicious energizing food which kids will love and will boost your energy and your business
  • Cut the time for meal prep
  • How to avoid burnout and manage your stress 
  • Self-care boosts 

2. Productivity - Own your Time  

  • Time mastery tools - start working smart instead of hard  
  • Gain laser sharp Focus 
  • Productive vs. Busy
  • Time Pocket Formula

3. Goal Setting - Dream Big and Fly high

  • Purposeful Goals and actionable steps 
  • Your WHY is your DRIVE 
  • Mission Manifesto  
  • Vision - You in 10 years? 
  • SWOT

4. Rich in Life and Business  

  • Money Mindset  
  • Wealth Consciousness 
  • Financial Blueprint for you and your kids 
  • Spiritual Transformation 
  • Limiting Beliefs 


5. Your DNA  

  • Be your best version - personal Branding
  • Authentically YOU  
  • Your Niche and your ideal client  
  • Design Hacks


  6. Share Your voice - Be Visible  

  • Power of Storytelling 
  • Credibility with Blogging
  • Public Speaking


7. Impact The World - Online  

  • Social Media Hacks  
  • Online Trends and Marketing  
  • Automation - Make money while sleeping or playing with kids 


8. Relationships and Balance  

  • Balancing all roles in your life
  • Accepting yourself and starting within  
  • Self-Love  


What is included in BMA?

  •  DEEP DIVE Onboarding 1:1 Coaching call with Dijana for goal setting 
  •  Complementary Workbooks  
  •  Accountability Form and Check Up  
  •  Extra bonuses from the expert
  •  Access to video training and downloadables - you’ll get a lifetime access to the private online member's area
  •  A private small Facebook group with daily accountability and masterminding threads
  •  Guest experts in Facebook Group

Who is Busy Mom Academy for?

  • If you have got this far then I’m going to say … You!  
  • A Mom who knows her worth and loves herself unconditionally!  
  • A Mom who is not afraid to invest in herself and her future realizing that in order to grow you must first learn.  
  • A Mom who wants to stand with pride and accomplishment in front of her kids and build an incredible legacy! 
  • A Mom who is tired of sacrificing her time and family to only struggle with her business!  
  • It’s for you if you are struggling with your business and you are desperate to bring more ease and joy into your life!
  • It's for if you want to monetize your passions and finally stop trading time for money! 
  • If you are ready to raise standards in every area of your life! 
  • If you are ready to live your dream life!
  • This will give you an experience like no other. 

About Experts

"Dijana is a wonderful coach with incredible knowledge about parenting, organization, healthy life, healthy (and good) food, the amazing pages of life and the less amazing. She has such a sparkling beautiful energy and willingness to help! I have learned a lot from her and she inspires me daily! Highly recommend."  

Linda Lorz - Career Mentor  

Dijana Llugolli

Wellness & Business Coach

Founder of Busy Mom Academy

Mom of 3 and Serial Entrepreneur with more than 15 years in Business 

My 3 Main Module Parts will be: Goal setting, Time Mastery and Branding/Positioning. The main purpose of Busy Mum Academy is to help you create business and life on your own terms without sacrificing time and family.  

Goal Setting - WHY?: Having a clear Mission and Vision supported by Goals that matter and contribute to greater society. Goals that are specific and measurable but also aligned with your lifestyle and family. My big Mission is to Help 10.000 women and moms by the year of 2020 to get out of stress, overwhelm and guilt while balancing and juggling life and work with creating Health, Happiness and Freedom to live and work under their own terms.  

Time Mastery - HOW?: Tired of Juggling and balancing your priorities. My Time Mastery and Productivity Tools that helped me balance family activities, several businesses, a regular job, a volunteering project and much much more will help you to set up priorities, time frame your activities, to learn how to focus on activities that are creating money while you sleep and to create automation in as much as possible segments of your life and business. To delegate, to distribute and to outsource is a big big struggle, but when you start to value your time and implement systems, you stop trading time for money. 

Branding/Positioning - WHO?: When you discover your D.N.A. - Desires, Niche and Actionable steps that take you towards your goals, you can really start enjoying your life under your own terms and love your business. Once you start serving the right clients, not only business gets more fun and affects also your life and kids. When your goals are aligned with your ideal clients and when you wake up with joy, gratitude and amazing drive to serve, you create fantastic results, momentum and abundance in life and business. To stop being on sale all the time and to really get out in font of the right clients is a dream life.  

"Dijana came into my life like a fairy to take my discomforts and worries away. I have known her for 4 months now and have learned an astonishing amount of things from her in this time already. She is like a neverending well of energy, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, love. Amazingly professional and skilled, she is a one-of-a-kind leader and coach. I absolutely adore her passion for what she does, the value she gives everywhere she goes and this magnificant light she shines around her. Endlessly grateful for our paths to have ever crossed, I look forward to continue learning from her and changing the world together. This is a young, strong and wise woman, a mother of three who is on a mission and a part of her mission I aspire to be." Asja Dupanovic Gavrilescu - Natural Healing Therapist  

Dr. Lisa Suski

Optometrist & Wellness Coach

Mom of 3 and Founder of Miracle of Food

Food and Energy will be my main focus  

Food: If you are overwhelmed with what foods are healthy and what foods aren't healthy this module is for you. Also, if you or someone in your family is suffering from a chronic, inflammatory condition like eczema, asthma, acne, dandruff, Crohn's, weight gain, or many many others this module is for you.  

I break down foods into 2 categories that make it very easy to tell if a food is contributing or not to your well being.  

I also can show you techniques that will have you cooking foods from scratch without spending all day in the kitchen. After all, we are all busy moms. I am a mother of three adorable children, wife, optometrist, and entrepreneur.  

Energy: Food is energy. It has a vibration. Plus our body is energy and has a vibration. If you are constantly stressing about what to eat or beating yourself up about what you have eaten you will never be healthy no matter how many vegetables you eat. The same is true about your body. If you are constantly feeling your body is not good enough it will never be healthy and vibrant with this negativity. This is the part where I cover how to elevate your vibration and the vibration of your food so you can be happy and healthy.  

Vandana Sehgal

Mental Wellness Coach

Founder of a New You Community

Mom and entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in the field of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness 

How will mindfulness help you? As moms, we are not immune to frustration, irritation, anger or any other negative feeling. There is no special shield meant us. We have to deal with the sufferings of our children and family along with our sufferings. We are expected to be a one-point solution, “My mommy can fix it all!!!” “My mom is my Santa.” Motherhood can be a lot more tiring like riding an emotional roller coaster. Each stage, each child brings its own challenges, unexplored territories, and unique solutions. To manage all the over-whelming situations, we moms need to be in our body with our healthy working brains. Mindfulness is one of the best solutions in being fully present with our children. It is about getting focused to live moment-by-moment. Mindfulness brings the required clarity and helps to observe without judgment or any other influence. When we bring awareness to our parenting through the practice of mindfulness, it helps us to understand our children and us in a deeper sense. A regular and continuous practice helps to be calm while in the storm. How will mindfulness contribute to balance life and business? Work, family and personal life should be complementary to each other and not conflicting with each other. Some are successful in their career but fail in a family and personal life, whereas some others who have a vibrant personality and family life are part of work. Being successful in one sphere of life at the cost of the other is not a healthy sign. In the long run, family happiness and a decent personal life are key determinants of a successful career. A balancing act among these domains may not be easy as we think, but a sincere attempt in this direction will definitely yield fruitful results.  

"Through counseling sessions, Vandana has guided me gently and firmly to recognize the stress I am living with and to bravely face it. I feel that she truly gets my situation as a working mother and the demands of raising children. I am now back to driving every day. I have some bad driving days but now I know that the roots lie elsewhere and not in my driving skills. Another thing I have gained through these counseling sessions is my relationship with my children and my enjoyment of our time together – a most precious gift as I watch them grow into young adults."

Greta Piece

Maja Stefanec

Money, finance and Insurance Mentor

Author of "Moms and Biz hand in hand"

Mom of 2 and serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years in the finance business 

I will help You discover and maintain a healthy relationship with MONEY as your lifetime partner.

Why are these things so important for mompreneurs?  

Because money and wealth consciousness is one of the 6 important parts of our lives and we can't live without it, nor we can help others. Managing money means managing yourself. As far as I am concerned, my good sleep is a result of feeling safety and abundance for me and my family and I wish the same for all mompreneurs.

Money Mindset: In the first part we are going to discover our beliefs about money and define your money personality. And how to create more income streams.

Show your kids to love and respect money: Then in a second part, we are going to learn to play the money game and then teach our children to play the game with us. 

Saving Money: In the third part, we are going to learn some tricks about saving money and protecting our money.  

Barbara Pust Velikanje

Intuitive Life Coach 

Mom of 2 and entrepreneur with more than 15 years in life coaching business

My 4 part will be Emotions, what to do when bad times come, Mindset, the best version of yourself Spirituality, how angels can help you with your child and in your bussines and Transformation, how to let go of all the fears before the workshop and in the middle of the process.  

Emotions: being conected with your emotions and feelings all the time. Being in the moment. Allowing to feel what you feel. To understand that you are a good person even though you work and have your own bussines. 

Mindset: how to corect your thoughts, how to use them consciously, the purpose of good and bad thoughts. Let go any limiting beliefs.  

Spirituality: to realize how you are not alone in your bussines and in parenting. How to connect with your angels of parenting and angels of bussiness. How they can help you in getting more money and good clients.  

Transformation: learning to transform your bad feelings, non productive thoughts into passion and good vibe.

"In just one month working with Barbara, I made huge leaps. Mostly in the area of consciousness and awareness. Even when unexpected negative situations come, I am now reacting otherwise. I became more calm and more confident. I am aware of many things and I understand that everything is happening with purpose and for the outmost good. Techniques that I'we learned really worked in the financial field too. I have challenges but I am convinced that with the day-to-day use of Barbara's tools, I will achieve my goals."  

Jana Fak - Designer

Silvija Podoljak

Storyteller, Public Speaker and Life Coach 

Mom of 2 and Marketing Director for Aurea Fest

My 3 Main Module Parts will be Blogging, Storytelling and Social Media so the complementary purpose for moms can be to write, to blog and to tell your story without shame and be proud of yourself.  

Blogging: When you share your story with passion about life and your hobbies you can create yourself a life that you always wanted because writing is an emotional and intellectual outlet for you. Nowadays. moms blogging is a new line of stay at home trend. Blogging has natural touching points with the written word, it was surprise to me when I started blogging and helping others with my story. My intuition helped me understand other people and comunicate with my clients much more through blogging.  

Storytelling: Writing your story, put it in some new form and tell it to the world is priceless. Have you ever thought that your experiences, your painfull moments, your lessons, your story can help people to create a better life and to live better. My clients are helping me just as I'm helping them to be autenthic and to be human. Only when you help others and sharing your story with others your life has real meaning. Intuition is yourself, your higher self, that is. Creator, the Universe, or your soul are all patiently waiting your instruction, more than happy to guide you through your story to bring it to the world.  

Social Media: A few years ago, blogging and social media were separate. Blogging was long-form, serious, and crafted. Social media was short-form, personal, and spontaneous. Some people predicted that social media would replace blogging because of declining attention spans. Now blogging and social media not only amicably coexist; they complement each other. They can not be without. The trick is to use a blog to enrich your social media with long-form posts, and to use social media to promote your blog.  

Lindsey Oredsson

Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant  

Mom of 2 

3 Main Modules: 1. Setting digital marketing goals 2. Facebook advertising 3. Social media trends in 2018 The main purpose of my part is to give those who are building their business or personal brand online advice on how to grow their social media accounts on their own without the help of a marketing agency. Setting digital marketing goals: Why are you on Facebook? What is it that you’re trying to accomplish on Instagram or on any new platform that pops up in the next year? Rather then muddling our way through 2018, let’s figure out exactly how these social platforms will help you get where you want to go. I'll walk us through 3 goal-setting steps that will help us gain more clarity! Facebook advertising: In this Facebook ad tutorial, I will walk you through the steps of setting-up a campaign. Facebook ads fit any budget, and this video offers a quick tutorial on how ads work in an ad auction based on audience size, budget, and your ad schedule. Even if you've never run a campaign on any digital platform, I will give you step-by-step strategies that you can use to set up and optimize your own Facebook ads. Social media trends in 2018: There's so much on the horizon in the social media arena in 2018. I'll take us through the top 6 social media trends to expect in 2018.

"I had the pleasure of working with Lindsey at Web Guide Partner as a Site Manager, where Lindsey was responsible for traffic acquisition, lead generation, content promotion and social media strategies. I believe that engaging in quality SEO activities is the responsibility of each Web Guide Partner employee, and Lindsey’s consistent contributions to that end are an excellent case in point, mainly because Lindsey is knowledgeable, creative, very organized, with great work ethics and constantly full of useful ideas. Lindsey is also capable of successfully managing other online marketing initiatives. That is why Lindsey deserves serious consideration as a potential employee, and I recommend her highly."  

Jose Namen - Head of the Termomix at Vorwerk

Nikolina Andric

Online Success Coach  

Mom of 3 and Millenial Entreprenuer 

Creating online services/products – mindset As you might know, everything begins with a mindset, with a decision you are ready to make, but I know it's hard to make any decision if you doubt in yourself. That is why I want to show you a few real life examples of successful online businesses, which sell products and offer services to different clients and different markets.

Don't you want to expand the number of followers and have bigger impact on people's lives? Of course you do. That is why you are here. But the thing is all this can be done with more ease, much faster and with same quality as you would do it personally, in direct sales. I just want you to be open and ready for changing your mindset when it comes to online business. There is huge potential for scaling your whole business once you are ready.  

Turning your potential customers to leads with automation – tools and process OMG, this is huge. There is no such thing you can not sell. There is not. 

You just need to find perfect consumer to fulfill his/her need or simple to create new market with a demand for your service/product.

You probably hear that with an online business you can earn money while you sleep, but let's be honest. Prior to this, you should have learned how to make money offline or to learn how to automate the whole process of making money online. This is why this part is so so important. Yes, you should put effort to make everything work smoothly and yes, it takes some time, but once everything is set up, your only job is to check the progress or even hire someone else to do this for you. With the tools and processes you learn in this module, you will be confident this automation really works and you are getting the results you expect. With less time, energy and resources.  

"Nikolina's course on how to work as a Virtual Assistant is one of the best courses I've attended. Well organized, specific, right to the point, with real-life examples and tasks. Also, Nikolina is an excellent mentor. She is experienced, detail oriented, honest, willing to listen as well as to learn herself. Although it was an online course, I could feel her dedication and that she really enjoys and knows her job. I would recommend (and I do) Nikolina together with her course to everyone who considers a career change or just wants to learn something new"  

Marijana Jovanovic - Virtual Assistant Marketing Assistant and Project Manager  

Amila Kovacevic

Systemic Family Therapist

Mutterleicht Trainer and Coach 

Mom of 2 and Lawyer by Profession 

Amila Kovacevic is helping Moms and Women who are deep within themselves pursuing for fulfillment to set their hidden or even burried wishes, needs and longings free by guiding them through their amazing journey to their inner self where all the ressources are being kept for achieving anything they want, because she believes that the Road to happines and fulfillment in all areas of life goes through your inner tunnels.  

Mutterleicht Workshops are helping Moms who feel lost from time to time in all the roles they are pursuing on all day basis, to live their Life with joy and ease , by guiding them to the most important role of all- being who you are, as you are. Unique. Because Mutterleicht stands for brave, sincere and self caring woman who only then can be at her best as a mom, wife, daughter, worker etc.

I wil use Mother-light hearted Model.

"Through the work with Amila I could realize and apply some new Methods and insights in my daily Life. She has a very professional didactic with a high empathy level. The interaction with Amila was based on trust and imprinted with empathy, very high professional competence. I could clearly define and visualize my goals. My inner attitude has been empowered. I loved all the strategies that Amila presented. I have been inspired by Amilas sovereignty."

Anne Kathrin  

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The whole purpose of this Academy is to make more time and money so you can start living your true potential. The harsh truth is that you will never ever probably have enough time or money but if you want to take your life and business to the next level you need to make some changes. And the magic really happens when we stretch ourselves and go that extra mile further.

What if this won't not work for me?​  

Then I would be really sad beacuse my mission is to help you to get from stress, overwhelm and guilt to ultimate health, happiness and freedom. And If this trully won't be possible for you, I will refund your money. You will have a 30 day Money back guarantee as long as You show me You have done the work.